its all so NEW….

People don’t like change. Thats for sure. Nobody likes to change no matter if its for good. Same thing happened to me but with a late realisation resulting in happier situations. 

I moved to a new continent. A new country. A new culture, accent, people, etc.. Well, I was on cloud 9 when I came to know finally my dream was coming true and I was moving to the place of my dreams. I excitedly got ready with all the planning. Buying new clothes for the cold weather there , informing everyone in different ways and finding excuses to tell others I am leaving. Typical me!! I got on the plane, again excited and couldn’t sleep throughout the long journey. 

But the moment I landed, something happened which I hadn’t expected. I wasn’t happy anymore. My happiness was clouded by nervousness and anxiety. All around me there were new people. they did not understand my accent . I was ALONE. This was so new. It turned out that the person who was supposed to come pick me up was stuck due to some work. So I had to take a taxi alone. I stepped outside. It was all so new. The happiness was deep below now. I was just looking around hoping for something old and familiar. I got a taxi but it took me a good 15 minutes to explain the address. I was scared , what if he took me to another place or got frustrated and left me as I couldn’t explain the address right. In the taxi I was alert and sad. I missed home already. 

Soon, I reached my destination. I paid the driver and went inside. Unpacked . And slept(mom always said, sleep it off).  Jet lagged. Next morning, somehow the new things seemed wonderful. I was happy again. It was all so new and shiny and bright. Life is full of phases. New brings both sadness and happiness. 

New things can be wonderful. Give them a chance. 




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