Found Myself

There are times when people suddenly become something they actually are!! They don’t realise it till they again change to the other side of themselves. 

The same thing happened with me. Suddenly I found myself !! I was happy. I was smiling for a reason which I loved. Not that I wasn’t happy before. But this time the reason was something which was actually close to my heart. Which gave me true happiness. Which made me feel like MYSELF after a long time. 

I feel lost most of the times. Even with friends, in a crowd. The time when I find myself is when I am alone reading a book which has me mesmerised. That time I am truly myself, lost in my dreamworld.  This time also, I found myself for a short time. I was happy all the time. It was great to feel this way again. But happiness is short-lived in this case. So I am back again, lost !! Missing the moments when I found myself again. 



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