They all left!!!!!

She looks beautiful. She is charming. She is intelligent and has money. She has plenty of friends. Then why the emptiness in here eyes?? Why the fake smile?? And why the trust issues??? 

Every girl has a lot going on in her life. From the moment she enters her teens till her last breathe. Its all a chaos. You say a girl has trust issues so she is crazy. Have you wondered why?? Did you care to observe her life at all?? 

Today let me give you an inside look. 

Its her first relationship. She is in love. She thinks he is the one. He is all she sees. She trusts him blindly. Then what??? He cheats on her. She comes to know but forgives him once. It happens again. She is sad but as she loves him forgives again. When it happens again, its the final straw and its over. And he also leaves without a fight. He LEAVES. 

She makes friends to confide in. They talk everyday , meet everyday. They become a support system for her. She does a hell lot for them . Then what, one day they leave and never look back. THEY LEAVE. 

Every man she meets whom she remotely likes turns out to be a cheat in the beginning itself . When confronted, they LEAVE.Without looking back. 

Her parents get divorced, her house breaks and they LEAVE. 


After going through all this, don’t blame a girl for having trust issues. Whoever she trusted all her life, they all LEFT! Try going through all of it and not have issues of your own. 




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