Once Upon A Never

Richard M. Ankers - Author

 Once upon a never
 In a dream within a dream,
 Lay a silver frosted Princess
 Asleep, yet still she’d scream.
 Nightmares were her kingdom,
 Banshees were her foe,
 Waiting for a Prince
 To kiss her, let her go.
 So, when one valiant soldier
 Made his way to Princess’ side,
 The kiss he gave wouldn’t wake her,
 The evil still did abide.
 The screaming echoed round him;
 The tears he shed were true;
 So killed her with his dagger,
 Then took his own life too.
 A Fairytale! Well, maybe?
 But in their deaths they met,
 And married within a new realm
 Of love, without regret.

 (Image courtesy of MimzyandTweaks on deviantart.com)

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