For the Day

We are constantly running . Everyday, every moment. It’s like we don’t stop. From the moment we are born till our last breathe. We crawl, trying to walk, to run, to catch up.  We think of the future. We wake up on Monday and think of the weekend plans. We get married and think of kids. We have kids, we think of their college and weddings. And it goes on and on.

It made me wonder, what do we do for the day- the present day. We should be thankful we are even alive to see the present day. We should be thankful we woke up to this beautiful day. We should think how we can live this day to the fullest. Nobody knows what might happen. But that shouldn’t stop us from doing things for the day.


Work hard in your office so that this day is fruitful. Love you family for the day. So that no matter what happens at the end of the  day you know you loved them enough at least for the day. Help someone in need so that at least you did a good deed for the day. Live for the day. I am not saying stop thinking for the future, but don’t stop living for the day.

Keep on smiling. Live for the day!!



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