Be Strong They Say

In this world filled with darkness, 

You stand alone and fight the evils. 

Be strong they say, 

You are the woman while they are the devils. 


The road is long and crooked, 

Obstacles more than one, 

Be strong they say, 

But its easier said than done.  


You are a woman, 

We know its not easy. 

Be strong they say, 

Your strength makes others look needy. 




6 thoughts on “Be Strong They Say

  1. Sharon Brooks says:

    Within a soul’s journey, does the past, present and future, synchronize each and every step taken. Like chapters in a book, are the events of our lives compartmentalized, that we may pause and contemplate the road ahead, not unlike a map. With neither beginning nor end, this beacon might be viewed a welcomed sight.
    To notice a consistent, almost nagging little spike that makes one think and feel: I think I can… I think I can, is by no means an accident, something to overlook, or discard. Could this be a preview, outlining the beginning of a new chapter, of that which is to come? The end of the present one, lingering on a bit, like a winter that isn’t ready for spring… just yet.
    The story remains true to its original design; for the most part. A continuous flow of events, intermingled with pot holes, blunders, soft cuddly moments, even fireworks, seems to keep life interesting enough that many feel compelled to turn the page again and again…. but not everyone.
    Once in a while, not very often mind you, a sharp turn, accompanied by the sound of screeching tires, gets the attention of a certain someone, all the while consuming her heart, along with every last thing she ever thought to be true. She cares not.
    The deaf, dumb and blindness, are replaced with hindsight, insight… foresight, intermingled with a language and hearing, who’s source are no longer ears, a mouth, or eyes.
    What seems foreign at first glance is actually a lit candle, walking down darkened corridors inhabited by deep tumultuous mares; spoiling for some what they deem as life. But within a more detailed analysis, it can be concluded, the nightmare is no more life, than the candle is death.

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