The Healing Process

When a child falls down and hurts his knees. Its painful. His knee is bruised . But more from the inside than the outside. It leaves a blue -black mark and nothing else. The skin on the surface is smooth. What happens then? 

In the next few days , the child forgets about the bruise. Apart from when someone touches the space around it because then it hurts a bit but is bearable. And if someone accidentally touches right at the spot, the pain just shoots up!!!! It takes time to heal. It does heal in a few days. But the process is something which made me wonder, our lives too undergo the same kind of phenomena. 

We come across many relationships in our lifetime. Certain ones just leave bruises which cannot be seen on the surface but go deep within. Even the blue-black mark isn’t there in some cases. And the healing process, well it ain’t easy!! The people who leave those bruises, they sometimes come back, they play around the bruise a bit, causing minute jabs of pain and then another sharp one right at the centre and are gone again.  Leaving the process to be started all over again. 

People say “Time heals all wounds” . True!! But the process is not a bed of roses !! 




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