Just Pause!!

It has been a hell of a month. I am at the cusp of two worlds right now. I completed my Post Graduation and now I am about to step into a brand new world- The Real World. Start a job, start earning , paying taxes and managing the household. Wow!!!!! From being a carefree student living in the university with nothing to worry about but the assignments and friends and love lives it’s a drastic change. 

This situation makes me wish I had a remote control for life. So that for once I could just PAUSE. Freeze the moment right there. I realised that when we are having the time of our lives , we don’t actually realise it. Only after that time is gone and we are in a totally different timeline and scenario do we realise , “Damn, those were were the times !! ” 

If I could just pause for a while to soak it all in. To soak all the happiness, the carefree attitude and the innocence.  Soon, stepping in the real world, things will get too real. Life will get messy. And I am sure I wouldn’t want to pause then. So for now, JUST PAUSE !!!!! 


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