She knows it all

“Mom, where is my new watch?? I know I kept it here somewhere.” 

“Mom, there is this boy I like. Please tell me what to do.” 

“Mom, I am having a party for some friends. Please tell me how to arrange everything, the food , the music and all.” 

“Mom, I told you not to come to my room. Please don’t touch my stuff!!!!! ” “By the way, you cleaned my room. It actually does look better( embarrassed ) ” 

“Mom, I hate my friends. Nobody understands me . I don’t have anyone. You know what I am talking about right? ” 

All our lives, we ask our mothers several questions. And astonishingly, she always has the answers. She never fails us . No matter how tuff we try to act, how independent we try to be, we always end up asking our mothers for help or advice. She knows it all. If you can’t do anything or find anything, she will definitely know . If you hide anything, she still knows. She is your mother.  You are a part of her. How can she not know? 

It scares me, thinking that one day when I become a mother, will I be half as good as my mother? I better be!!!!! But if I am not, I know where to turn for help. “Mom, can you please help me become a better mom to my kids!! “

She knows it all. 



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