Frozen Dreams

We are humans. We tend to dream- thats no news. But what happens to those dreams? Do all of them come true? What about the ones which don’t come true?

In every phase of our lives, we have different dreams .As a child you might dream of flying like a bird or be Superman and save the world. As a teenager, you might dream of being the popular kid in school who everyone loves and follows.  As a grown up, you want to land a good job, earn a lot of money and fame( and also have a gorgeous spouse) .

Dreams Road Sign

But between these big dreams there are tiny ones as well which get lost. I wouldn’t call them “Lost” , I would prefer that they are “Frozen”. A successful engineer might one day realise that even though he is satisfied with his current job and pay, he isn’t happy.  Deep down, in his heart there lies a dream which is frozen . He once had a passion for music, but once the “Rush Hour” life took toll on him along with the family pressure and the ever growing competition, that dream froze . It still sits there , waiting to be unfrozen. There are many people, who after years of service and working, suddenly leave everything and do something totally opposite. That would be going after the frozen dream. Unfreeze it, take it to the next level. Its been sitting there, waiting for a chance.

Few people realise this too late, and a few lucky ones at the appropriate time.  I just want to say that no matter how small the dream is, don’t let it just sit there. If you dared to dream , then at least dare to do something about it. Let it not be too late !! Unfreeze it .


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