A Cry In The Void

Her hands are shaking, her face is warm. She is about to cry but not just yet.She cannot cry because then the people around her will fuss and make a big deal out of it. Why is she crying? She has everything which a person can ask for. She has a god job, amazing friends and a family. Then why??

She looks around for an opening. She sees the door to the emergency staircase. She rushes there with her head down and walks through it.Siting on the stairs, she lets out a stifled cry. And warm tears come swarming.  Why the tears you may ask?

She cries because she is alone. She feels a void which no one can fill. She cries out loud in the void. Yes she has friends who can comfort her. But if they do comfort her then why does she feel this void? That means there is something left. This emptiness is like tiny pin pricks which she feels now and then .


Many people in this very confusing world of ours feel this void. They might have perfect jobs, perfect family and friends to die for. Still they let out cries in the void. Not letting anyone else know about it. There are people who are happily married still they cry out loud in the void as there is something missing. It happens. There are times when you feel empty, staring in the void, thinking nothing. Yet the sadness which follows is inevitable. Loneliness is the virus which when attached to you, can’t be shaken off easily. even when you are surrounded by people, you are lonely.

Nobody can hear you. Cry out loud as much as you want. Nobody can hear you.





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