The silly girl in you !!

Woman today are strong, independent and can take care of themselves . I feel proud to be have come across such woman in my life. But something very peculiar also came to my notice. 

 No matter how content and mature the woman is, there is always a “silly girl” inside every woman. She might be a CEO or a school principle or a tom boy who doesn’t depend on anyone else, but deep down she too has this silly girl inside who has dreams and wishes which when not fulfilled breaks her heart. The silly girl wants to be pampered, to be taken care of, to be told she is beautiful. The silly girl wants to find the man of her dreams, she too wants a happily ever after. 

Most of the woman do not even realise that this girl exists within. They are confused as to why are they feeling this way? Why are they upset if their male friend whom they like (unknowingly ) doesn’t pay attention to their new haircut or isn’t the first one to call them on their birthday? Why do they have this tumultuous relationship with the desires within ? The silly girl tries to come forth, sometimes she manages to scrap the surface for a while, those are the times when one is vulnerable. 


The silly girl is sometimes childish and naive. She is also moody. We women are confused sometimes as we do not know what we are mad about!! That is indeed frustrating for us and the people around us .Well, ask the silly little girl inside you, she will have a list of reasons prepared for you in a jiffy.  

Sometimes listen to the silly girl , let her breathe a little. She can be the cause of your happiness. Let go and give the reins to the silly girl for a short while, it can lead to a long lasting positive effect. 



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