The epiphany of all EPIPHANIES!!!!!

Ever wondered how philosophical we get when we are lone and start pondering about where our life is going? You suddenly decide that you have had enough, now you won’t be a pushover , you will stand up to your peers and boss at work, you will not fall for the wrong boy/girl again, you will not give the power to anyone to break your heart!! You are motivated, its a realisation, an epiphany and you are driven by it. All is good and hunky dory .


Then, comes the time when after a few days , maybe even months, strikes another epiphany!! Its the epiphany of all epiphanies;“You can’t change who you are, you may alter a few things, lessen a few things or so, but you are who you are!!”  This is my point of view, I might be clearly wrong. But hey, I am a human after all,being wrong is like a trait I guess.

After a heart break, we suffer, we swear never to fall for the same shit(apologies for the language) again. But what happens later?! We fall for the same shit again!! And again !! We might want to stand up to our boss at work. We might even do it once, and feel really good about it. But later, maybe in some other organisation or with some other boss, you might be back to square one. I am not saying we cannot stick to our decisions. I am simply putting light on the fact which I stumbled upon while pondering philosophically over a cup of tea on a Sunday morning, we get too many realisations, we even plan to stick to them but sooner or later, we get back to where we started!!

I hope that we all stick to what we decide and we don’t need new epiphanies every now and then to get us on track!!

Keep Smiling


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