When did we grow up??

It seems only yesterday when I was fighting with my mother because she didn’t let me watch the television at night. It seems only yesterday when I couldn’t sleep at night as I had a test the next day and I knew I wasn’t well prepared. The only fights I had with my friends were the ones consisting of them not keeping a seat for me next to them at the auditorium or maybe not choosing me as their partner in the lab.

I would gladly swap those fights, worries and sleepless nights to the ones I face right now.  Now it seems like my desultory actions cause troubles which affect so many lives that I can’t move an inch with having a whole combination of thoughts both good and bad playing in my mind before I take a step. My fight with my friends no longer vanish by the end of the day. They drag along for ages. My arguments with my mother no longer revolve around my television timings. My sleepless nights are not regarding me being worried about a test but about the future which is hazy.


When did we grow up??

As kids,the days would fly and we wouldn’t even realise . Right now, everyday just drags along. I check the watch a dozen times to know if its time for me to be in bed alone and finally sleep, shouting this world out for the night. Everything needs overthinking. We don’t think just for ourselves but for others as well. Some people overdo it and not only think for others but act for others as well which is not taken kindly in this generation. There is a lot of ego, temper and a tumultuous relationship between the heart and mind when it comes to the grown ups .

I am new to all these things, still figuring out the white , black and the grey. Its imperative that I get used to this but it ain’t a walk in the park.

When did we grow up?? When do we get used to it ??


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