In an abyss…….

First of all I need to apologise to all those people reading this. I haven’t been active on my blog for quite some time now and it isn’t fair to all of you who made an effort to follow my posts and my blog with utmost interest. I apologise to those who expected me to post regularly. Lastly, I apologies to myself for letting myself down by not keeping up with the one passion I have and that is to write.

I stumbled into an abyss without realising its after effects. Life took me by surprise . This abyss that I was into, made me realise that life is not that easy and simple. That fairy tales don’t exist and that words like “get over it” are just frustrating to even hear. How do you get out of it without being the victim? How do you not ask for help and still survive?



People “expect” from you. Lets not get into the fact that they don’t give a fig about your expectations. You peer from the abyss, hoping to see some light, some sense of direction but all you get is darkness and void. This abyss I am talking about, we all have been in it at some point or the other. Some of us maybe in it not yet realising it.

Hope is what keeps you going. Hope is what gives you strength to keep on peering in the dark till you finally see! I might not be making much sense , but there might be  those who are reading this and having  the slightest bit of realisation what I am actually blabbering about.

Get out of the abyss. Its a brighter world out there. I am hoping to get out of mine soon.


6 thoughts on “In an abyss…….

  1. theonlysup says:

    Monika first of all u got to apologise me for u kept me waiting for long time. Haha 😉 well just loved the post . people dont want to help themselves . they expect some one else to hold their and pull them out of dump. Right said never give up hope . circumstances can make or break u .but if u lose hope nothing cab be done .

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