Lets just throw the LEMONS!!

When life pushes you down again and again, there comes a point when you just want to give up!! Phrases like “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade” make you “I -Might-Punch-U-in-the-face” angry!

Well, sometimes you don’t want lemonades anymore. You are sick and tired of lemonades and all you want to do is THROW the lemons !! How much can a person take ?? What is the price of being sweet and nice and a pushover when all you get is lemons??

The abundance of lemons coming your way make you ponder, is it just you?? Does everything keep on happening to you only? Are you actually doing everything wrong? This realisation follows with a series of self doubts and self loathing. Followed by low self esteem and frustration . Followed by the epiphany that ” Maybe it’s me !!”


By the arrival of every lemon you can’t expect a metamorphosis in me. One might think I am being ludicrous talking about lemons and self loathing. But mind you me, these are some serious facts which lead to the epiphany that something might actually be wrong with me rather than the world. So the lemons have taught me a lot. Most importantly that they have made me hate lemonade, which I used to love at one point of time. Also, that maybe it is indeed me who is at fault. Maybe I think I am doing right but I am most certainly not.

But for now, as one cannot resilience that quickly after repeated blows, lets just throw the lemons.


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