My Lotusland

“Good things take time to come”

We have heard this phrase so many times. And a pessimist like me would just think it as absurd. I used to believe that these things don’t happen in real life. But, at this precise moment, I am glad that I am proven wrong.

It is now my belief that after all the hardships that a person goes through, it pays off in the end. The tears are replaced by the light of hope in the eyes. The fake smile is replaced by the grin which doesn’t leave your face all day. Thats when you know you have found your lotusland.

You are content. You are happy. But again, I must mention for all those pessimists out there, the happiness is here to stay . You deserve it. You may think that soon this happiness will vanish and replaced by more sorrow. But it ain’t the case. Look in the mirror, smile and say to yourself that “I have found my lotusland. I am finally happy. It is here to stay. All my dreams are going to come true and there is hope for more to come.”

I say this as I have been through the “good times never come” phase. But this caprice is the result of me finding my own lotusland. I hope you find yours soon.


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