Murky Tomorrow!!

We all worry about the future. What is tomorrow going to be like? Some of us are a 100% sure. They have it all planed out since the starting. Then there are others, like me, who have a vague idea as to what their tomorrow should be like but somehow it gets murkier by the second.


Obfuscated tomorrows are what make my future. Is it bad?? Well,I tend to believe that there is a majority of people like me out there who have no idea as to what is their tomorrow going to be like. The species who miraculously do have an idea about the same are very rare to find(not saying that they don’t exist as I have examples in front of me already) .

All I am saying is , don’t be disconsolated by the fact that you can’t see what your tomorrow would be like. Maybe, its for good. Maybe, there is something better to come. Maybe, you get a chance to shape it the way you want at your own pace. Future is frightening,I agree. But all the good things take time to come. So maybe this murky tomorrow might hold a better meaning than we think and gives us the limpidity we need.


One thought on “Murky Tomorrow!!

  1. theonlysup says:

    nice post my friend . i still believe there are 2 main things i always plan for future. or for a rainy day
    my career and my personal finance 🙂
    few things we leave it to time and let it decide but most of the things i believe u have to be futuristic and plan well but yeah not to forget to enjoy the present moment too.

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