The First Step !!

When a child is born, we all wait for his first step. We record it on cameras, in our minds , freezing that moment forever. It’s the first step which is the most important one, which counts the most.

In life, when we are in a conundrum about making decisions, it’s only a matter of time when we reach a conclusion and take the first step to apply the same. The first step is the hardest I would say. Having that dauntlessness to take the first step when the others are still wondering, contemplating the risks is the most brave thing.


When we start a new life with someone, two people are at the same point. How will they grow close until and unless someone takes the first step? After the first step, life just goes on a roll. You love someone, don’t sit around waiting and contemplating. Sometimes being capricious can have its perks .Take the first step, it can change your life.

Be it careers or personal life, once the first step towards a new journey is taken,you are on a roll my friend. New adventures and new stories.

It’s just a matter of that FIRST step!!


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