Credence the Impossible

For all those worker bees out there, I totally relate to how the days go in a flash and you have no idea how! How days, weeks , moths pass and you have no idea what you have done with your life except “work” . That desk job you have, it ain’t your dream. If it would have been your dream you would have been living every moment of it. So this has been established that 90% of the people around the globe detest their jobs.

Also, most of you have bosses as sweet as the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. So you get the picture. When we all know all these things, why am I writing this post?


Well, I am undergoing ilk emotions like the rest of you.I too have a dream. It might seem impossible. Everyone thinks their dreams are impossible and nothing can be done. Well, if you brood over it and never believe, thats what is actually going to happen.  Show credence to whats important yo you. What drives you and your soul.  Its the impossible that will one days ave you. The rut you are in, it will be replaced by something so powerful that your mind will be racing all day and you will be happy about it.

It ain’t easy to just leave everything else and follow your dream, but I do not suggest that either. I would rather say, keep your dreams in the loop all the time so that you may improvise. Have faith. Credence is the key !!


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