Wedding Ready- Part I

For those of you who do not know how Indian weddings are, this might be a new concept altogether. But for those who know what exactly Indian wedding are, you will surely side with me(atleast most of you will ).

Weddings in India are not just a girl and a boy getting married, it includes the entire family, distant relatives, family friends, friends, neighbours, relative’s neighbours, the entire street and half the city getting married on the same day.And then people say it is a “Private Affair”.

Preparations starts well in advance, just like any other wedding in the world. That is normal. What is not normal is that more focus is given to the guests than the actually family of the bride and the bride and the groom are not allowed to see each other much. Money is spent more on the relatives and the likes rather than the bride herself. In India we have a season for weddings. So it is a business boom for the wedding industry. Why use normal roses when you can get them “Imported” from some other city which will cost you thrice than the usual. Why gift local dry fruits when you can get the “imported” ones from another country.


What I fail to understand is, how will the other person know if the cashews are from my own city or from Vietnam. Well, I do understand the status issues, but come on!!! CASHEWS!!! Do you people know how much of time and money is wasted on just deciding which cashwes are to be ordered. And that is just the 1st thin crust layer of the triple decker cake I am talking about.

India is a country of a variety of cultures and full of traditions. This is what is most appealing in our country; the culture , heritage, history and colourful traditions. But did you know that half the traditions done in our weddings make no sense. They are not standard traditions. The same society people have ten ways of following these same kind of tradition. So what will the common man do? How should he follow the tradition so that everyone goes home happy?!

Sigh! As I said, this is just the 1st thin crust layer of the triple decker cake I am discussing about. More of it later. I have a wedding to prepare for!!


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