Wedding Ready-Part II

As you are all aware that the hot topic on my blog currently is Indian Weddings, I am going to throw light on more areas which are going to take some people by surprise and some are going to get an epiphany on the same.

Were you aware of the fact that the most dangerous of all the species in Indian Weddings are the aged Aunts?! You need to always keep your guard up when around them. Reason ?? I will elaborate on that. Weddings are an arena for the aunts to either look for young, rich, handsome bachelors for their daughters/Nieces and the likes. If not that then it is an arena for initiating uncomfortable talks with young married couples to start a family aka “have a baby”. Aunts like twisting the simple traditions into a web which will make you do a simple ceremony in 10 different ways leading to the same outcome. But you will have to go through the various tasks just because the aunts are senior citizens and you don’t want to upset one. It won’t be a lovely sight if you do.


All over the world, it is a known fact that Indian weddings are so colourful. Sure they are, no doubt about that! But did you know how much of crap a person has to deal with behind those colours. First of all, there is not just one ceremony in Indian weddings. There are like a series of ceremonies, functions and rules to follow. i shall pour light on all the functions one by one later, but for now lets focus on the numbers. Atleast 4 functions back to back. That means, 4 sets of decorations for each, 4 sets of ridiculously expensive clothes for each and 4 sets of extremely heavy , larger than life photo albums for each!!


The brides parents lose their sleep, as it is their nightmare if even a tiny cog is missing and is noticed by the grooms family. Its more like an inspection by the grooms family rather than a marriage. I mean, way to go for extending your family ties. The months which the brides parents prepare for the wedding, the house is inflammable. Even a tiny spark can create a fire with no bounds. Even the bride knows not to interfere with the parent, relatives and their plans. Let them do their stuff, the brides job is to go to the salon regularly, spend a copious amount of money on bridal packages for 2-3 months and look pretty.

That is another sneak peak I gave you on the “Desi Weddings” in India. More updates later on. I have certain tasks to complete for the wedding!!


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