Wedding Ready-Part III

Weddings are all about numbers. Oh, and also family and relatives and all those other aspects. But first and foremost NUMBERS!!

How many people will attend the wedding? How much are you spending on the preparations? How many gifts are you joining to get?

And Indian weddings- how many gifts is the bride going to take along with her? How much jewellery is she taking? What is the cost of her attire? The number game goes on and on. I mean, the more the numbers, the better the status(supposedly).


Oh, and was it mentioned that amongst all of this , the bride and groom are just silent spectators, siting and looking pretty. Their parents do everything but don’t forget that they do complete the formality of “asking” their kids regarding decisions . For example, “Son, we are doing this . You are fine by it, right?” , asks the father with a look which might pierce through the son’s skull. And the son nods and acknowledges the same. 

This is an on going process. Relatives, neighbours, friends, everyone is on superhero mode when it comes to weddings. They have the wedding preparations on their minds round the clock. It’s what makes them happy. It’s like the next big thing for them. Behind all the turmoil of the preparations is the love of the family and friends for the bride and the groom which is somehow hidden due to the pressures of the surroundings.

There are two sides to every story. This is the wedding story!!


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