Wedding Ready-Part IV

Shopping, shopping and shopping!!!! That’s what we hear the most in a wedding house. The aunts want to shop, the uncles have to pay. The kids want to shop, the mom’s have to pay. It goes on and on. The wedding industry sure never goes out of business, no matter what the economy is!!


I have been busy for the past few weeks and I apologise. But I have a very reasonable explanation for it- I was busy shopping!! You see, marriage is not about two individuals promising to be a part of each other’s life. It’s also about buying ridiculously expensive stuff in the name of marriage. You buy everything new. Even the stuff you hardly ever use or maybe never use. It’s all about shopping. The bride buys everything new. Her entire wardrobe is new. Everything from her hairpin to her slippers, her toothbrush to her floss!! I mean, that must cost a fortune to tell you the truth and the parents are more than happy to spend all of the money. Their happiness lies in buying their daughter everything. Love is communicated in various ways in Indian marriages. Buy gracing your head and giving you a ten rupee note, or by buying you all the shit possible in the mall!! It’s all love.

I used to never understand the concept of gifts in marriages until I saw how happy the parents or relatives get when they gift their daughter something. I used to be of the mind that it is a sheer waste of money and resources, but then it hit me that sometimes you have to let go off the practicality and let the others do what makes them happy.


So, ending on a happy colourful note here people . I need to go shop more !!


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