Wedding Ready-The final countdown

For months now, I have been going on and on about the Indian Weddings. How everyone reacts, feels and goes about with the customs and “traditions” .

I also know I have been off the grid lately but I have a very reasonable explanation for the same. The final countdown has begun!! The wedding everyone has been preparing for around me is in its final phase. Final touches are being given to everything. Final checklists are being prepared and finally I can see everyone losing their cool now and then. Also, did I mention the wonderful concept of ” wedding jitters” which every bride feels a few days before her wedding? It is indeed a feeling which has no measure. It can make you nauseous, make you rip someones’ head off, make you so emotional that you bust into tears even on the most silly things , and makes you love your family and friends more than ever.


The poor groom has to forget his “jitters” in order to make the panicking bride feel better and safe. He does so much just to make sure she is happy in the marriage. Hats off to the groom for this . Indeed, this is the time when the bride knows how much the groom loves her and how much he is doing for her and everyone else just so that no one is upset. Be it the bride, the parents (both bride’s and the groom’s), or be it the relatives he has never met before. He keeps everyone happy.

Weddings aren’t that bad after all. They bring out these emotions with bring people closer. It also makes a few people crazy, but yeah, lets just focus on the good part today. It’s a huge step for the bride , a new life altogether. It’s all a part of life I guess. Change is inevitable.

On this note, I shall take leave. I have to do a bit of panicking myself. Oh, did I mention that I am the bride this time??!! It is the final countdown for this bride now.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Ready-The final countdown

  1. Lisa says:

    Is it not the most nerve wracking thing ever?!!! Don’t worry it will be over before you know it and then you can have post wedding freak out about making a forever promise. Haha. (That will pass too) Congratulations!!!! It will be fun.

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