The FIRST step

People say life is one hell of a roller coaster!! Well, I couldn’t agree more. What is life without a few ups and downs?! Not to mention a few jitters and surprises.

I have been MIA for long and I agree it ain’t good. Writing is my passion and somehow I gave it a back seat in my journey which is NOT acceptable by my conscience. So here I am apologising to myself and the rest of you reading this post. Also, I am here to share my new plans.



Life takes a sudden turn when you get married. Everything from your environment, household, lifestyle and family changes. Change is good!! But adapting to it takes its own course. Its been more than two months now. I am finally settled and now I have started on a new path all together.

Taking a drastic step takes a lot of courage. Its taking the first step which is the hardest. Be it anything. In our tenure in various phases, we have to take the first step in the starting of every phase. Be it a child taking its first step while he learns to walk, a child going to school for the first time, a man choosing to marry a girl and have his own family, a couple thinking of starting a family with the first child and so on. Its the first step which is taken very cautiously and timidly. With every ounce of care and courage at the same time. I am of the mind that once the first step is taken, most of the task is done. Now you have to go with the flow. Just like the water in a flowing river. It makes its own path then.

First steps are the hardest, after that its all smooth sailing with  few bumps here and there which are corrigible. So take that first step and trust yourself!


5 thoughts on “The FIRST step

  1. theonlysup says:

    Monika my friend .. I was wondering where u went . u left the void here . I’m so happy for ur new phase of life. Yeah it would be a new experience for both of you. Of course initially have to adapt a bit because both of you will have different principles ,nature, and mindset. But yeah change is good and you will have a great life together.

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