Everything at once

There is a song by Lenka, “Everything at once“. Listening to that song made me realise that “Damn right, I do want to be everything at once” . Then I was hit by the fact that am I the only one weird enough to think on these lines or are other people also with me?!


Since childhood, I wanted to be good at sports, academics, an all rounder. Well its safe to say I somehow managed that in my childhood. Adulthood is an entirely different universe. When you adult, you are under the microscopic eye of everyone. Even the ones you met for the fist time and might never meet again. Being an adult marks you as the chosen one to be judged, criticised and praised.

I want to do wonders at my job, I want to be a good wife, an excellent daughter-in-law, sometime in the future an awesome super-mother( just like my mother) and so on…. the list is vast. Well, isn’t it a human tendency to be greedy. To want more and more and all of it. I always strive at being everything at once. There are times when I even achieve it. Also there are times when I spoil everything at once . You must have felt it too. The urge to do everything right. To be good and kind, yet smart and sly. To be calm and mature yet turbulent and childish.

I guess it’s not just me (huge relief). Lets all strive to be , if not everything, most of everything at once .


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