Princess to the Queen

Every girl born is the princess to her parents. “Daddy’s little princess” as we have all heard girls mentioning themselves numerous times. And its true. A girl born is a blessing. Girls are sweet, innocent, sensitive, yet strong and empowered.

Every father, no matter the king or the peasant treats his daughter like a princess. Her every need, her every cry is priority to him. Fathers might get angry too, shout and scold them too but it is out of pure love and care. Every girl is unique in her own way and every princess is her fathers precious gem. They raise you with utmost love and affection, protecting you from the big bad world, not letting you know the vicissitudes that occur in order to raise them. Then comes a time when the father gives away his princess in marriage. That is one hell of a job, I still don’t know how they muster the strength to do so. But they do , with their head held high for the daughter they raised so perfectly and with so much care. The princess finally leaves her castle, only to go in another one.


It’s the job of the husband now to make her the queen. The princess is given responsibilities she had seen only her mother do all these years, she is given the authority to make decisions, to rule certain areas in the house. She is expected not to make mistakes and be perfect from day one. To succumb all the pressure, newness and do it all in one go- perfectly. Once she does that, the princess finally becomes a Queen. She has crossed that line and come on the other side, the “Real World” where not everything is hunky dory all the time as opposed to what the princess was used to.

Every girl makes this journey from princess to being the queen , a proud moment for the parents who raised her. Hats off to all the queens out there!!


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