The Right Time

“Honey, this is not the right time for you to be doing this, wait for the right time”

“Sweetie, it is the right time. You should go for it”

We have often heard such statements since forever. Mostly from our parents and elders. They always know the “right time” for everything for us. Right time to have dinner, right time for bed, right time to do our homework, right time to come back home at night, right time to get married and settle down. It’s all about the right time. Then why is it that we still got hurt, we still failed, we still made mistakes?


I was pondering over this when it hit me. There is no right time. Our parents and elders made it the right time for us. What fate has in for us is all on our actions and the ones around us. Its KARMA. I am a fatalist hence I believe in this. You may or may not agree with me, but the right time depends on you and your actions . You can make the time right, you can take charge. People  get married at 18 and people get married at 60. They make it right and it lasts forever.

Your actions and your belief will make your time the right time.


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