Stranger in the Mirror

” Its all about perception” said my psychology professor in my class where half the students were dozing off. I mean, obviously, if you sit in the lecture hall from morning till evening, thats what happens to you without a doubt.

This was almost two and a half years ago but I still have a recollection of the concept of “Perception”. A lot changed since the time I was in that lecture hall till where I am siting today typing on my Mac siting in the comfort of my home on a rainy day. Not to mention, since the time I was a college going student to now being a married woman. (Yep!! A lot of change.)


I look at myself in the mirror and sometimes its hard to believe its me !! I am sure many of you must have had the same experience. Its like a stranger in the mirror looking back at you. Just a while ago I was a childish, carefree college going girl and now here I am running my own house, taking care of my entire family. How did that happen? I do not recognise the strange woman in that mirror. Do you sometimes look at yourself and do not recognise who that stranger is staring back at you.

I am sure just a while ago you must be the most popular kid in college and now you are a corporate slave, dark circles beneath your eyes, suit cladded with a 9-5 job and no life whatsoever. I am sure just a while ago you must be an upcoming designer and the stranger staring back to you is a mother taking care of three children and a husband , everything else forgotten.


But again, you cannot be the most popular kid all your life, you cannot have all our old dreams come true when you overlap them with new ones. A corporate save is what the kid wanted to be to run his family, an amazing mother is what is keeping her family together and happy.

Its all about perception!  So accept that stranger in the mirror.





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