Being a Woman

Now a days words like “feminism”, “heforshe” are trending a lot everywhere( Facebook, twitter, etc.).There are debates on this topic , lengthy articles and essays written so well describing this concept  and explaining the need for gender equality.

I am an ordinary woman. I am no Emma Watson standing to give a speech in front of the UN or some world renowned best selling author. But even I have an opinion. I also have a voice which I would like to raise.

Being a woman isn’t easy. Be it anywhere in the world. The women and the society have a tumultuous relationship. There are rules, there are certain ways a woman should behave, certain protocols followed only by woman. Being a woman has added responsibilities for sure. From giving birth to a child, raising it, being responsible to take care of the entire family to sacrificing everything for them, being a woman isn’t easy.

Talking about the corporate world, if a woman is being assigned a task, people already make assumptions. “She will screw it up”, ” there will definitely be errors in her work”, “she takes a lot of leaves as she has a child at home” , ” she is too emotional, she won’t be able to handle the case well”, and so on. I am sure all of us have been through this ordeal. I certainly had during my short tenure in the corporate world. And having to report to a female boss makes people scorn a bit( again, its my opinion). Having to go through all of that and them come home, prepare a meal for your family, make sure the kid completes his homework and the husband complains about his work and the in-laws are satisfied with the dinner isn’t a cakewalk. Being a woman isn’t easy for sure. People are prejudiced that women don’t make good anything except being homemakers. Why is that ? Movies are branded as chick flicks as it is prejudiced that only women will like such movies. Why is that ? Women also watch action movies. They also watch sports. Women even play the same sport as men, still people don’t watch women cricket leagues, or women basket ball as much as mens basket ball and cricket. Why is that ? I can go on and on about this not-so -good attitude that people have adapted in our race.

Gender equality is one of the major concerns now. All woman need is respect which this society is unwilling to provide. There are woman CEOs, doctors, army personnels, yet women are looked down upon. In our society, a woman has the added responsibility of family. Any woman who wants her career and her family has to  walk through fire it seems to keep it together. Indian society in general has to change this attitude in order to keep going.

Equality concept

Being a woman is not an easy task. Here I am talking about being a woman whereas our world here has forgotten about being  human. There are men killing men, children, woman alike. There are explosions of hatred and pools of human blood everywhere. The human race is losing the humanity and the gift of life given to us. Being a woman is tuff but so is being a human.


I am an ordinary woman and I too have an opinion. I will try my best and give my share to society. I will try to bring a change no matter how small. One drop at a time. There will be those who will laugh at my post, there will be those who won’t even read it, but there will also be those who will absorb what I am trying to say here and there will be those who might try to have an opinion too. Every opinion and every thought and gesture counts. respect the own round you, be proud of the woman in your life, encourage them and love them. The positivity can do wonders.


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