The point of it all….

I have often heard people expressing out loud, “Whats the point of it all?”

I mean, true, they are all exasperated at the moment and their feelings include ripping at someones throat like a hungry zombie, but , what is the point of it all? You waste your energy in being angry, expressing concern for a question which has no answer. Ponder over it,what can possibly be the answer for- “Whats the point?”

Like,hey!! I studied all my life. I am now a corporate slave. I work 9-5 througout the year. I have no life left. Whats the point of it all?


What can you possibly reply? I would really like to have the answer to that as my curiosity takes the better of me. So does everyone out there who has an existential crisis. There are some people who have dozens of degrees and do nothing , there are people who have only one, yet they do something spectacular with their lives.

Then again, there are humans who actually have answers to everything, including this. They will tell you acutely why they did what they did and how they achieved the things they desired to achieve. I must meet those humans!! They are the go-to people.

However, I personally feel that we should continue doing what we do while parallely figuring out the point of it all.


5 thoughts on “The point of it all….

  1. MJThompson says:

    A bit ‘off-subject’ but is there any universal agreement on what is the POINT? Life is so multi-faceted that there are many ‘points’ – economic, social, spiritual, political – are we to ignore that ONE point unites them all? I’m American & always vote my conscience on social-political issues based solely upon my spiritual convictions. In doing so, I refuse to pander to any ideology that merely focuses on local issues – which I believe is what most others do. We must all be fully aware of our shared inter-dependence on global issues 1st (the ‘bigger-picture’), because those will ultimately effect our local environment more. Do NOT forget the bigger picture – THAT is the point!

    • Monika Bharti says:

      Righty said dear friend. Thank you for your time and comment. I would say that every individual has a different approach to see the Bigger picture. I see your PoV 🙂 We humans are still learning….. we have a long way to go!

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