The Cake Theory

Cakes are delicious! There isn’t anyone who won’t agree to this fact . I mean, deserts (cakes, tarts, fudges,etc.) look so inviting. We are attracted to them , staring at us through the glass window of a bakery, mocking us. Eruption of saliva leads to us entering the shop and buying ourselves the most calorie flowing , good looking cake. What happens after we eat it , lying in the bed at night? We regret it!! We regret having eaten the bundle of sweetness and diabetes and also that now its over, wishing  had saved it for later.

Doesn’t this happen in our daily lives often? We regret the decisions we make , we wish we hadn’t taken them in the first place, we wish that we had saved a bit of money for later. All these emotions come flowing when you twist and turn at night, unable to shake that feeling off!! TO HAVE THE CAKE OR EAT IT! 

Be it teenagers who wish they hadn’t dated someone, or if they did they hadn’t broken up with them so soon. Mothers who wish they had their children when the financials were stable , or if they regret not having as many kids back then and now there are medical issues holding them back. Head of the family working day and night to provide for his family and buy a home of their dreams or thinking that only if he had waited and saved more money the dream house would be bigger and better. Not to mention the people on diet who actually regret eating the cake!


All these are day to day emotions of us humans. So I would like call it the cake theory. We will always take decisions and we might regret them most of the times but life goes on. It turns out to be fine. We will work harder the next few days, mourn even, and then some new regret comes up and we concentrate on that. Its life. Life is full of risks but thats what makes it interesting. So eat you cake people and try to enjoy it!


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