IT’S ME !!

Hello everyone!!

The fact that you landed on this page is either because you were randomly clicking on your laptop or you really are curious about me. Either ways, I am glad you are here. My name is Monika, and I welcome you to my blog and thank you taking out time to read my attempts to be a polymath.

Reading has been my passion ever since I was a kid and I used to read till 3 am in the morning hiding from my parents as they would be mad at me and put me to sleep on a school night. From Famous Five to Harry Potter to Jane Austen, I didn’t even realise when it became my dream to become an author. A dream I have been chasing and some day will achieve.

I hope you like what you read. And expert suggestions are always welcome my friends. After all, we learn from our mistakes.

Happy Reading!!


41 thoughts on “IT’S ME !!

  1. My Wiz Mind's Wit says:

    Hi,Harry potter’s HUGE fan..
    the background rack full of HP Books..justifies you 😉
    Your blog post are catchy and emotional… keep writing.. 🙂
    If I’m not getting too personal..Pic clicked seems like of..Sukhna Lake of Chandigarh..Is it ?

  2. battymatilda says:

    Ha, I’m a huge potterhead too, thanks ever so much for looking in on my blog. I can’t wait to go rummaging through yours, I already know I’ll be delighted with what you post here. Thanks again for stopping by.

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