Change is Good

It is bound to happen,

Sooner or later.

Change has its own mind,

Its lurks in the corner and pounces like a predator.

Change is good,

Change is inevitable.

Embrace it with open arms,

What has to happen will happen,

It is irrevocable.

Face it with a smile,

Even though the heart is timid.

Good things don’t come easy,

Life is all smooth sailing,

No room to be rigid.






why do we humans make simple things too complicated? why don’t we speak our mind?why is it that we over think and mess everything up? all these thoughts pester me. only then realization dawned upon me!!

can’t we just get over ourselves and our ego , walk up to the person and just say,” i love you, and i know so do you. so , please, say that you love me and get done with it!!”


what is with all the anxiousness?why putting yourself through all of the turmoil? life is simple, keep it simple. there are more things to worry about rather than this love whirlpool. if you love someone, it is the greatest gift of all. so love and live. if you love then say it, if you don’t then make it clear. but please, SAY IT!! at least when you know it clearly, you can move on……

so, people, just say it, whatever is there in your heart.


feeling blue………

“when I am feeling blue,

all I have to do,

is take a look at you.

then I’m not so blue”

-a beautiful song by Phil Collins


today, I am siting and doing nothing. my mind is blank.  i don’t know what to write today. it’s like my mind is a blank canvas and i don’t have any colors. i am an artist with the canvas in front of me and all i am doing is staring at it. with nothing. no inspiration. no thought. i have never been so low.

i was listing to this song by Phil Collins. and i realized -I DO NOT HAVE ANYONE !!”all i have to do is take a look at you.” but i have no idea whom to look at. its like i am all alone in this desert. loneliness has hit me hard. so here is a short story on that note.


her name was Nikki. she was sitting in the park .she had a lost look. she had come back home from work and then simply dropped her bag and stepped out again. looking at people jogging. taking a walk with their pets. couples holding hands and talking. having a great time.

then why was she so low? she was feeling blue. and she knew that she needed someone . but WHO?? she had a great family who loved her, she had great friends who adored her. she was reading her favorite book , Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. her day started with books and ended with books. her friends were worried.  was something wrong with her? , she thought .

she needed a change. she needed someone who could cheer her up in a moment. just one smile and she would be all happy. “urghhhh, i am so pathetic” , she told herself. just a few minutes later, a guy about her age came and sat on the same bench beside her. she looked at him. he had the same look on his face, the lost one. he too was holding a book in his hand, but she couldn’t make out the name. he had jet black hair, with tresses falling over his eyes and he wore glasses.

he looked up at her and for some reason he smiled. that smile sent a wave of warmth inside her. she smiled back and then they both started a conversation. his name was Harry and they both hit it off in the first few minutes. he was lost , so was she. and she thought she was the only pathetic person .

sometimes you find happiness in the places you least expect. when you least expect. so keep your eyes open.

“all i have to do ,

is take a look at you.

then i am not so blue ”


but here i am , still feeling blue. but you all, my readers, stay happy. keep smiling. stay blessed.



trapped in feelings…………..

“please help me, i am trapped!!”  cries the girl . but everyone looks at her , confused. “trapped??” , they think. where is she trapped? she looks completely fine. she looks healthy and hearty. she is well off. she has everything she needs. people pass her by thinking all this without a second glance. and she is left alone amongst a sea of people.

its funny, that sometimes it’s your own feeling that trap your true self. it’s the emotions and feelings within you that stops you. that something is holding your true self. you like someone, you feel for someone. but you are scared. about the world, the people. this leads to a change of the behavior, you are not your true self. your feelings kill you from inside. you want to be normal, but you are trapped because of your feelings.

when you are sympathetic towards someone. you feel bad. this changes your actions towards that person. even though you want to be normal and you want to be true with that person, the sympathy over rules you. the care you show is out of sympathy not love. even though deep down you want to be true and not sympathetic.

when a child does something wrong. something which is morally wrong and it’s huge. the mother knows. but her feelings trap her . she loves her child. even though she knows she should take an action, she should set it right,  she cannot act. she is trapped!!

all of this shows that we, the human race, at some point of time are trapped in feelings. only when we gather the courage to overcome these feelings and act on what is right will the world be a simpler place and also a better place.



stop with the sympathy……………

“poor little girl, i feel bad for her” , “i feel upset when i look at the life she is leading” and so on…………….

these are the sentences which make me feel like ripping my heart out and throwing it away so that  do not feel anything. why are people so generous when it comes to sympathy? why do they sympathize and feel like they have done some great charity work?? when you see a child, a beggar, cold and hungry, what do you do? just feel bad for them, sympathize and go?? you should do something about it. take the child to some shelter. give the beggar some food and clothing. that’s the right thing to do.

why is it that if a girl has a bad phase going on, issues in her life that she can’t help herself, people talk about her like she is a helpless child lost in the woods?? what will she do of your sympathy?? will it make her feel better?? the answer is -NO!! she needs love. she needs friendship. she needs support. not your hollow words. but gestures.

people sympathize, they feel bad for her. then what?? they forget and go. they take her to be a poor little girl. they do favors just because she has already been through a lot and they want to show that they are sympathetic. but the truth is, theses things kill her more from inside.  then comes the phase when she thinks that everything done for her is out of sympathy. be it love or friendship.  she cannot trust anyone  because what if she thinks its just pure gestures coming from heart but they actually are just acts of sympathy for a poor creature.  what good comes out of sympathy if done beyond an extent? she screams at the top of her voice “Stop with the SYMPATHY! ALL I NEED IS LOVE”

seriously, i agree, too much of everything is bad. so please people, stop with the sympathy!!


am i READY??

“this is normal. totally normal.” i keep on telling myself. it must happen with every other person i think. yes it does!!i am a also human. its obvious that if i decide to do something, i tend to get nervous,get cold feet, loose confidence. and sometimes even loose the wish to do it. so what?we humans tend to get scared , but we do buck up in the end!!

this happened with me in numerous occasions. when i was 10 years old, i was enrolled into dance classes by my parents. when i went there, all the kids were already old students there. i was new and shy. i asked myself “am i ready??” but the moment the music started, i knew it. or rather my body did, that i was ready. there was no stopping. dancing became my passion . i wasn’t ready, but my parents knew i was. 

in school, i was asked to enter a debate competition. i thought i was ready, confident. i went up on the stage. the moment i saw the crowd, i forgot everything. i wasn’t ready. i cried later. the next time, again i was asked to participate by my teacher. i asked her, “am i ready??after what happened the last time?” she nodded . and YES. i won. i was indeed ready. i did not know that but my teacher did. 

in the year 2012, i was alone. always reading books and writing in my diary. talking to no one because i just did not feel like. then my friend suggested, you love writing. why don’t you write a book? “am i READY??” i asked again. but this time, it was me who answered confidently “YES ,YOU ARE READY” and i took the plunge.

 i realized  that we humans always need someone else to answer for us.  when someone else says that “yes, you are ready” “you can do it” we actually can. we are a very dependent race.  we need the love and confidence of others in us for us to be confident. that was my happy realization. so i am glad to say that, “YES, I AM READY!!” 


where is the circle of life??

ever since we get into our senses, we are taught that bad things happen to bad people and that good things happen to good people. that no matter how bad life treats you, sooner or late, life is good again. read it in all the mythological books as well. but now, in 2013, in the real world , i am actually waiting for this “circle of life” to appear!!

where is it?? why aren’t the people who did wrong to me realizing their mistakes? why aren’t they suffering?? why isn’t some lightening striking them and teaching them a lesson?? then , suddenly, realization struck me!!!! “get over yourself!!!!there are more important things in this world than your high school and graduation dramas!!”

yes, its so true. there are millions of jobless people, people who are dying with hunger, diseases, etc.. and all i care about is my childish problems?? i should be waiting for the circle of life to be implied on the people who create WAR! who are terrorists, who kill people, who rape innocent girls, and who take advantage of the poverty of down-trodden ones.  those problems are bigger than mine. still i can’t see the circle of life!! where is it??

have you seen the “circle of life” being in action?? if you have then please let me know, because i am in search of it desperately!!!!


forgive and bless………………

children always make mistakes. but parents always forgive them. how sweet is that??  they do punish  but also forgive them. then why is it so different with adults??

i mean, adults make mistakes more than kids. and their mistakes are of a higher intensity than the ones which kids make.  then why is it that when the time comes to forgive we just don’t let go and hold on to all the negativeness?? i agree , i am no saint either. but over the time, being cheated and hurt and then listening to only one  justification for all the wrongs done  “I made a mistake” , i got so tired of holding a grudge against it all, i just forgave the person. and let go completely. i wish i could just give them a punishment like parents do but these are not kids. they are adults who make mistakes which affect people in more levels than one. so , it maybe like a whisper by GOD that just let it go. forgive and bless. you will be blessed in return in ways you will never imagine. why waste my thoughts , my energy and my emotions for something which will not give anyone any good. but cause more negativeness in the environment. moreover, the calmness that flows through you when you know that you have taken the high way, forgiving and letting it all go. there is nothing compared to that.

i say, everyone should follow this. forgive and bless those who make mistakes. this will have a greater impact on them rather than the grudges and the punishment. have faith in this universe and GOD. he works in mysterious ways. God Bless!!


in search of……..


we, the human race, cannot live alone. we need someone. or something to distract us from the misery of being alone. that’s what friends are for!!

we are always in search of , as the term goes, “friends forever” . in my case, i had always dreamed of having friends like in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. who are with you all your life through thick and thin. to have friendship like i read in Harry Potter. friends for life. but, does all this really exist? all my life, uptill now, i have had a variety of friends.  many contenders for the “friends forever “position. but then why is it that i am still in search?? in my 22 years of life, i have made many friends. but due to circumstances all of them grew apart. but nothing was ever sour between any of them and me. so , they are still my friends no matter in which corner of the world they may be. then why is it that i am still in search? what is it that i am in search of ? it is said that when love comes in between, friendship goes out of the window. firsthand experience in that. in many cases when boyfriends/girlfriends come, either the friend goes or the boyfriend/girlfriend goes. i have knowledge about all these scenarios, so what is it that i am in search of? a true friend?? love??


then came a phase when i broke contact from all my friends, wherever they were , in whichever part of the world they find out what i was in search of. and then all i did was indulge in books. i read a lot of books and wrote in my diary. and that’s when i came to know, i want to write. that’s what brings the spark in my soul. so i started writing my first book. and suddenly , my search was over. i found my solace in books. in WORDS. i spoke to all my friends again and gave them the news. they seemed happy that i was finally , truly happy. my search was complete. i hope everyone finds out what they are searching for.


the night speaks to me…..

as a child, i was always scared when darkness fell. when the lights would go out, i would be afraid of the unknown. its the same now. as an adult also , when night falls and its dark i am afraid. but now , the unknown i was afraid of has changed.

night is the time , my mind works in mysterious ways. i think of things i normally wouldnt on a bright sunny day . i think of all the sadness in this world. here i am afraid of the darkness thinking of some ghost whereas all over the world, there are soldiers , guarding their countries at night, in the darkness . and what are they afraid of? not of dying. they are afraid of the future of their families and loved ones if they die.  here i am afraid that if i walk alone in my own home in darkness some supernatural force might grab me. whereas there there are kids who beg on the streets and sleep there in the darkness. what are they afraid of? they are not afraid of any supernatural being catching them, they are afraid of tomorrow. will they make enough money to eat? will they just come under a car and die? here i am, afraid of opening my eyes when its still dark outside as i might see something scary and scream . whereas there are people around the world who have their jobs in the night. watchmen, drivers, people who do night shifts. what are they afraid of? they are afraid their eyes dont close and they dont fall asleep as it will cost them their jobs. then how will they earn a living? how will they feed their families?

and here i was, foolish enough to be scared of the night. finally the night spoke to me. and now i am no longer scared for myself but for the world we live in.